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X-Men: Days of Future Past Comes to Blu-Ray and DVD October 14, 2014! You Can Preorder, Now!

X-Men: Days of Future Past by
Chris Claremont (Writer/Co-Plotter),
and John Byrne (Penciler/Co-Plotter),
is a collection of Marvel comics
specifically issued to cover a
complete story line. [1]

Book Review by:
Sharon Powers

     Sunfire attacked, using the nuclear firebolts he could create from within himself...the X-Men fought to counter Sunfire, but were unable to prevent the "violent death" of Sunfire's father. It was an extremely difficult lesson for the young Japanese boy to learn, but learn it he did. He had needed to learn to control his power and use it for good. Sunfire was not an evil mutant, but "merely [a] misguided" one (p.14). Time passed quickly for Sunfire, and soon he found himself joining the very mutants he once had battled...he responded affirmatively when Professor Xavier called him to join the new X-men. He would be fighting alongside Kurt Wagner (the Nightcrawler), Ororo (Storm), Peter Rasputin (Colossus), John Proudstar (Thunderbird), Sean Cassidy (Banshee), and Logan, who was also known as Wolverine.

     Almost immediately, changes happened within the team. Thunderbird was killed and Jean Grey (Marvel Girl--part of the old team of X-Men), was transformed into Phoenix; not long after, Phoenix, too, died. Balancing out all that loss, the X-Men acquired a very young (just 13 1/2 years old) and very talented, Kitty Pryde.  Though none know it, yet, this young girl holds the future of the X-Men, indeed, the future of the world, in her hands ([1] p. 20-22).  

     X-Men: Days of Future Past, is one of Marvel Comics most popular story lines. In fact, the first issue of Days of Future Past, is the 25th most popular issue, being listed on the "100 Greatest Marvels of All Time." [2] Not a mean feat since, depending on who you talk to and what titles are included, somewhere between 32,000 (The Official Index to the Marvel Universe) and 43,000 (Mike's Amazing World of DC) titles have been issued in the last 79 years. [3]

Kitty Pryde joins the new X-
Men (in this book--collection
--of Days of Future Past) in
issue #138. Kitty is shown,
here "phasing" or walking
through a wall--her special
mutant ability. [4]
    X-Men: Days of Future Past, of course, was originally published in comic book form. It moved into graphic novels and collected editions. Now, the story comes to us as big screen entertainment. Today, we are going to be looking specifically at the Days of Future Past story line, examine a couple of the X-Men books and see which of those books best convey the Days of Future Past story line; and, lastly, we will get to view the upcoming movie trailer of the exciting new movie: X-Men: Days of Future Past and talk about the adaptation of the book into a movie and what that means to the story line.


FYI: This is a very long blog post, so if you don't want to read all the way through it, just skip to the end for the book ratings. You would be missing some great stuff, but I would understand.... Now, let's jump into it.

THE BOOK:  The first X-Men book we're looking at today is X-Men: Days of Future Past (ISBN 0-7851-1560-9)--the cover is shown at the top of the page, and to the left. This particular X-Men includes the collected issues numbered 138 through 143 of The Uncanny X-Men, and X-Men Annual #4.      

     While, technically, the Days of Future Past story line is included in issues numbered 141 and 142, the other issues are considered essential to understand the complete story line. To that end, issue #138 condenses much of what has come before--everything from the founding of Xavier's School up to Kitty Pryde's arrival. We get to see Kitty grow in confidence and ability as the book progresses until we get to the meat of the Days of Future Past plot--issues #141 and 142.

In the 21st Century dystopian present, the adult, "Kitty," now called,
"Kate," resides with the remnants of the mutant and human races. A
society in which all X-Men are dead except Wolverine, Storm,
Kate (Kitty/Sprite), and Colossus. Also alive are Magneto,
Franklin Richards (the last of the Fantastic Four),
and his lady, Rachel (a telepath). [5]
    Central to the story is the continu- ing "antimutant hys- teria" and a Nazi-like solution to kill and inter into prison camps, the strange, uncontrollable, and dangerous mutants. In previous story lines (and X-Men movies) we saw this theme and, likewise, observed that humans and mutants alike were on two sides of the "mutant issue." Two radically disparate approaches, unity and peace or violence and war. None of this is new; we have seen these themes continue since the X-Men have been around. 

Kate's desperate attempt to return to 1980 to assume a
role as her younger self and stop the violent events
that would lead to the annihilation of the mutants and
many humans, as well. Here, she plummets back
through time.[6]
     The writers, though, take it to a whole other level in Days of Future Past. Using the "mutant" issue, the writers create an event that once accomplished, threatens the very fabric of existence for humanity and mutants, alike. It is from here, that the story splits into two parallel tracks: one track in October of 1980, and one in 2013, where everything is decaying and dying (p. 110). In a terrifying last ditch effort to prevent Senator Robert Kelly (Presidential candidate) from being assassinated, and Charles Xavier from being killed, Kate (AKA Kitty/Sprite) goes back in time and into the body she possessed in 1980--back in time to prevent a chain of events that would lead to monstrous results. She must keep The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants [Destiny (a blind precog), Avalanche, Pyro, Blob and their leader, Mystique] from killing the Senator.  

     Even as Kate travels back in time, the time line in 2013 continues on. The remaining mutants continue to fight in the hope of defeating the Sentinel menace that threatens to totally do away with them. The conclusion is dramatic and will have you sitting on the edge of your seat wondering...will the few survive?

X-Men: Days of Future Past by Chris
Claremont, Walter and Louise Simon-
son, Alan Davis, and John Francis
Moore. Illustrators included are as
follows: John Byrne, Jackson Guice,
Terry Shoemaker, Chris Wozniak, and
Joe Bennet. [This hardcover edition
is different than the first book and
includes different issues.] [7]
THE BOOK:  The issues in this X-Men hardbound book include: X-Men 141 (1963), Uncanny X-Men 142 (1981), New Mutants Annual 6, X-Factor Annual 5, X-Men Annual 14, Excalibur 52 and 66-67 (1988), Wolverine: Days of Future Past 1-3, Material From Fantastic Four Annual 23, and Hulk: Broken Worlds 2.

     Even though the titles of these first two books are the same, their contents are different. When you compare the contents of this book with the first X-Men book, much of the Uncanny X-Men issues are eliminated. This book is dramatically different from the first book in that only Uncanny X-Men #141 and 142 are the same. All of the other collected issues in the large book cover other material, notably, about the Wolverine and Hulk.

     Still, there are a few similarities between the two books: the two follow the same theme of the "mutant issue," that of hatred of what is different and factions with radically different views on how best to resolve the hatred of mutants. And, of course, the two issues of the Uncanny X-Men #'s 141-142 where Kitty (AKA, Kate) travels through time to stop the apocalypse; the two timelines are also virtually identical. Also, the sentinels, as tools of bigoted and evil men, and who work to do away with mutants, are ever present in all time lines.

Franklin Richards, son of Mr. Fantastic, develops the power
to project dream selves to other locations and times. [8]
     A good portion of the book deals with Franklin Richards (son of Mr. Fantastic, one of the original Fantastic Four and Sue Richards--invisible woman). Franklin, we soon learn, has developed the power to project "dream selves" wherever he wishes--needless to say, this causes confusion to other super mutants who know him as a little boy or the man he has already become.

     Franklin's exploits continue as he runs from the "hound-master Ahab." Ahab, "...a mutant hunter sent from the the Guardian [sent] the Master Sentinel to prevent any mutant time travelers from escaping into the past..." (p.83).

The comic book sentinel is on the right and the version
created for the movie on the left--both are purple, and you
can see other similarities, as well. In the comic book series,
the first series of sentinels were created by Trask
Industries. See the story line for more information
about these behemoths! [9]
     Now, Ahab sets after Franklin. This, undoubtedly is one tie-in to the time traveling theme which has only tan- gentially, thus far, been connected to Kitty/Kate trav- eling back in time. Remember that in the first book, Franklin is one of a handful of mutants left alive.

      We get to see some of the disbanded, original X-Men who have reunited into a group that they call, X-Factor: Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Jean Grey and Iceman. They, too, get to tangle with Ahab and his "hounds," and even a couple of Sentinels as they help the other super mutants--and the search for Franklin continues. Then, with the sudden arrival of Banshee, Sunspot, Warlock, Boom-boom, Cannonball, Cable, Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman, we see that they have tracked down and possess the unconscious and much sought-after Franklin [Note: Sunspot is one of the "new" mutants who appears in the upcoming movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past.]. To prevent Ahab's continued assaults, the X-Men and company destroy the discovered "Tesseract Pocket...a small dimensional anomaly" where Ahab hid his machineries and army.

This is the group known as X-Factor:
Angel (top); Iceman (center left); Cyclops
(center); Jean Grey (center right); and
Beast (front). [10]
     The groups of super mutants, in this book, are numerous and include the following: The Fantastic Four, The original X-Men, The New X-Men, Alpha Flight,  X-Factor, Power Pack, and Excalibur (as well as a plethora of bad guys, the most important of whom belong to the "The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants:" Mystique, Destiny, Blob, Pyro and Avalanche.). In fact, it is Mystique's group that causes all the problems with the chain of events that triggers the Armageddon, as the group targets Senator Kelly for death, and battles with the Uncanny X-Men: Wolverine, Colossus, Storm, Angel, Night Crawler and Sprite (AKA: Kitty/Kate Pryde).

     Complications of group dynamics occur when one member leaves a group and joins another. Or, morphs into another character and has different powers and a new name. Or, dies and is resurrected. Or, isn't really dead, but was just "lost." Or, isn't really dead, but just in a cocoon and the character we see was really just a clone. Or...well, you get it. A lot of variables occur to the individual members of the groups.

This is Rachel when she was
under the influence of  Ahab,
Lord of the Hounds. [11]
     All the issues featuring these groups have great story lines, but what we are looking for, here, is the thread that ties them all together--the time traveling of Kate (Kitty) Pryde into the past, and the complications of alternate time lines and others who time travel (like Rachel who travels back to ascertain why the time travel for Kate didn't work to fix the problem.).

     In addition to Franklin's involvement in the book that I spoke about, above, an awful lot of the book comprises story lines about Jean Grey (as Marvel Girl/Phoenix/Dark Phoenix/The Black Queen) [who marries Scott Summers/Cyclops and has a daughter: Rachel Summers who is also known as Rachel Grey (who inherits her mother's telepathic and telekinesis abilities, as well as her mother's code names: Phoenix and Marvel Girl).]; additionally, Rachel and her mother, Jean, have mother-daughter issues, and then there is an additional complication with Rachel's involvement with "Phoenix Force."

Wolverine: Days of Future Past
is a  special three-part series,
a prelude to X-Men: Days of Future
 Here's part 1.  [12]
 In the final pages of the book, we get a special three part series entitled, Wolverine: Days of Future Past.  In actuality, it is the prelude to Days of Future Past. (I would have placed it at the beginning of the book, not the end...oh, well. I'm not the publisher.) Anyway, in it we get to see what led to the main story in issues 141-142 of Uncanny X-Men: Days of Future Past. The trilogy also provides the explanation for why Logan goes to Canada and why Magneto is wheelchair bound by the time we get to the main story in the primary two issues (141-142). [I know I'm jumping the gun on this, but I really loved this three part series!]

     In the three part story we get to see the Wolverine we all know and love, Jubilee (Jubilation Lee) [along with "Leech," and Everett Thomas, Code Name, "Synch"], Emma Frost, Madelyne Pryor (The Red Queen) [Note: In one alternate time line, Colossus was married to Madelyne Pryor with whom he had a child--the child's name?...Franklin, one of the last survivors in, Days of Future Past.], Shinobi Shaw (son of Sebastian Shaw), Lord Zemo, Magneto and Magneto's daughter, the Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximov).

     These three issues portray for the reader, the "relocation camps" for mutants, the monstrous sentinels as they work their way through plans to annihilate all mutants (a "Cataclysm Engine" as a new and terrifying weapon against the mutants.), and the "Reborn Council of the Chosen." Finally, we get to see the dynamic interpersonal relationships that cause such trouble for hero and villain, alike: for example, Wolverine and Amiko, and Magneto and his "daughter" (Wanda Maximov, the Scarlet Witch).

     Magneto convinces Wolverine to rescue his daughter from the sentinel headquarters, and all the hidden little secrets come to light in the effort to rescue one woman. In a dramatic conclusion, that woman, the Scarlet Witch, once released, utilizes her powers to destroy the "Cataclysm Engine."

The black and white, Essential X-
Men: Volume Two (Marvel 
Essentials v. 2) by Chris Clare-
mont, John Byrne, and Illus-
trator Dave Cockrum. [13]
THE BOOK: The collected issues for this Marvel title include the following: X-Men issues 120-141; The Uncanny X-Men issues 142-144; and The X-Men Annual numbers 3-4. The new material in this book, and not included in the above two books, are issues 120-137, 144, and annuals 3-4. So, what we see in terms of what's necessary for the time line of "Days of Future Past," and what IS included, are the primary two issues (141-142)--the other material is either back story leading up to the Future Past time line, or just additional material for you to enjoy in getting to know the characters or tangential story plots.   

     While the cover has a beautiful, full-color image, the issue, itself, is published in black and white, that is, no color--so don't be misled by the beautifully colored cover. The paper consists of inexpensive pulp paper; it is economical, but definitely not pretty. This book is radically different in appearance from the two previous books--the previous two are published in full color, and have beautiful glossy pages, gorgeous to the eye and appealing to the visual senses. And, while the pages in the Essential X-Men: Volume Two are eminently clear and readable, it lacks the beauty and artistic sensibilities the previous two books possess.

Reading Tip: I found it VERY helpful as I read the books to have
a pen and paper to draw an informal map. Put down the names 
of the players and draw arrows to things that they do--X through
characters killed. (see photo). It makes it EASY to keep track
of characters and action this way! When you start a new
story line, start a new map.
     Two reasons exist why I selected this volume to include in the book review. First, the topic we are looking at, today, Days of Future Past, is part and parcel of this book. Additionally, since I am no "comics expert," I defer to those who do know comics; the experts list this volume as an essential book dealing with the story line of Days of Future Past--that's why volume 2, and not volume 1, is included in today's book review.

     What is included in the Essential X-Men v.2? In the opening pages we are introduced to ALPHA FLIGHT (the Canadian group of super mutants, mentioned, above). Vindicator and crew (Sasquatch, Northstar, Shaman, Snowbird, and Aurora) seek to bring Wolverine back to their fold--against Wolverine's wishes--uh huh. You can guess how that goes.

Two of the Hellfire Club's
members, Sebastian Shaw
and Emma Frost. [14]
     Another sequence of issues deal extensively with the HELLFIRE CLUB (Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost [AKA The White Queen], Harry Leland, Donald Pierce [Cyborg], and Mastermind [AKA Jason Wyngard--Jean Grey's seducer to the darkside and creator of her new persona, THE BLACK QUEEN (see issue #132].). A little "aside," here, if you recall, in the movie, X-Men: First Class, the Hellfire Club was showcased when CIA Agent Moira MacTaggert follows Colonel Hendry into the Hellfire Club and sees, for the first time, several super mutants--in the book, Moira MacTaggert is a research geneticist and good friend of Charles Xavier.

     While she is with Wyngard/Mastermind, Jean Grey mysteriously transforms into the Dark Phoenix. Thereafter, Jean and her fellow mutants struggle with her god-like powers, eventually, Jean sacrifices herself and she dies. (See issues #134-137)

     The rest of the book includes the material I've already covered, above, only in black and white instead of in full color. The X-Men: Days of Future Past, is included (issues # 141-142), as are the other back story material (issues 138-143).

THE MOVIE: First, X-Men: Days of Future Past, is currently scheduled for release in U.S. markets on May 23, 2014. The trailer to that movie looks exciting, and I'd like you to see it--then we can talk a little more. [15]
     Let's get right to it. The main plot seems to fairly well follow the plot of the book(s). What does not track so well is how the adaptation of the book is made to the big screen's portrayal of the characters. For example, in what I consider the biggest change from book to movie, Wolverine takes over Kitty/Kate Pryde plot line and is the one who does the time traveling. If you think about it, it makes sense. Hugh Jackman is a major box office draw--I'm sure the money men behind the movie want Jackson's face front and center instead of _________? Who?...wait a minute while I look up who the actress was who played Kitty in X-Men: Last Stand...searching...searching...oh yes, here we was Ellen Page. Lovely actor. But not anywhere nearly as well known as Hugh Jackman. 'Nuf said.

Entertainment Weekly: April 18, 2014 +
April 25, 2014 (#'s 1307 & 1308) Special
Double Issue, Summer Movie Preview:
X-Men Days of Future Past.
     Another example. In the book, Mystique's group, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, fights the X-Men while another Brotherhood member, Destiny (a blind precog), sneaks past everyone to attempt the assassination of presidential candidate, Senator Kelly.

     Entertainment Weekly has indicated that in the movie, it is not Destiny who goes in to kill Senator Kelly, but Mystique, herself, who attempts the assassination. And instead of Senator Kelly, it is Bolivar Trask, the creator of the first series of sentinels that has become the target. Again, Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique is a known entity--very well-loved as the character. Ask yourself, do the money makers really want an unknown actor in a role (Destiny) that's not well known to movie fans who may not have read the book? I doubt it.

     In fact, Entertainment Weekly's, Tim Stack, indicated that, "Past aims to boost X-Men's fortunes by bringing back marquee stars such as Jackman and Berry as well as younger ones like Lawrence and Fassbender whose profiles have risen in recent years." (p. 29) [16] I think the motivation is pretty clear why changes were made in the adaptation of the book to the movie. In fact, the movie moguls seem pretty up front about it all.

Entertainment Weekly Summer Preview
April 18/25 2014 (Double Issue:
#'s 1307 & 1308). [17]
     And, another thing about adaptations. Movie makers often change scripts, plots and book story lines to accommodate the creation of a story to make it more suitable for viewing on a big screen. Take a quick look at the five thumb nail photos (just to the right, here) of the new mutants that will be featured in the movie. In the three books I've reviewed, above, we just don't see any of the five mutants in any of the major plot lines. Yes, we do see a couple of them in minor, walk on, walk off, roles (Sunspot and Quicksilver, for example) in the books, but, really, nothing major.

     Bishop, however, is somewhat a special case. Bishop is often associated with the Days of Future Past storyline, but not because he was in anyway active in the original issues (141-142). In fact, the character wasn't even created until 1991! [Note: November 10, 1991, Uncanny X-Men, #282 was Bishop's initial appearance and #283, the first FULL appearance of Bishop in a story arc. (See]

     Instead, we first see Bishop as the "central protagonist" of the very popular X-Men: The Animated Series when the story arc was specifically "adapted" for two special episodes. At that time, Omar Sy was cast as Bishop, so this current movie of Days of Future Past is officially, the first "live-action version" of Bishop to hit the screens. We are told by Eric Eisenberg, of Cinema Blend that we should expect to see Bishop continue to appear in future movies with the other original X-Men characters. [18] Personally, I'm going to be looking for Bishop to appear in X-Men: Apocalypse, hopefully, out in theaters April 2016.]

X-Men: Apocalypse, hopefully out in theaters in 2016! [19]
     The other new character I will look forward to seeing in X-Men: Apocalypse is Blink. In the movie, Fan Bingbing has been cast as Blink; this character, too, came to the comics in the mid-90s, again, as part of a two issue comic book crossover (Phalanx Covenant and Age of Apocalypse). Blink's character apparently can teleport and open portals--she will be, it seems, fighting the sentinels alongside other super mutants.

     Of the other three characters, I think Sunspot looks awesome in the movie trailer, and Warpath (the brother of Shaman whom we saw in the comics) is out for revenge--I guess we need a minimum number of characters "out for revenge." It seems a popular recyclable plot device.

     Quicksilver is a very popular, awesome character for Marvel (just not in the X-Men: Days of Future Past story arc). He, along with the Scarlet Witch (mentioned above), are the children of Magneto who have been raised by others. Once grown, Magneto saves them and enlists them in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants; later, both leave the Brotherhood and reform their ways...joining up with the famous Avengers group.

Avengers: The Age of Ultron [20]
     Quicksilver is considered to be the quintessential bad guy turned good guy. In fact, the two characters, Red Witch and Quick- silver, will appear in the upcoming movie, Avengers: The Age of Ultron, release date, May 1, 2015! By the way, in Days of Future Past, Evan Peters will portray Quicksilver, while in Avengers (2): The Age of Ultron, Aaron Taylor-Johnson will play the character. [21]

     Yes, I know the Avengers are a whole different universe--in fact, in Ultron, the two may be given a wholly different origin story than the Marvel one; and yes, I know that the Days of Future Past and Avengers 2 movie are not connected to each other, they just have these two characters in common. In any event, in Days we will get to see Quicksilver enlisted to help break Magneto out of that poetic justice, or what?

     Finally, above all these fantastic characters and big-name movie stars, there is only one thing I can think of that might upstage them all. The Sentinels. It could very well be that Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry will take second seats to these behemoths. What is better than a giant? You got it. A giant robot. To be convincing, they will have to be terrifying. We'll just have to wait and see what Hollywood does with them.

5 star rating system. [22]
 (1) Book 1: X-Men: Days of Future Past: I loved this glossy paperback book. The story arc is wonderful. The team putting the book together did a great job selecting the issues to include and then they made the book beautiful to read and enjoy. If you purchased for yourself only one book (for $15.26) in which to get up to speed on the X-Men, this would be the book I'd recommend! It has all the basics in one small package. I give this book 4.5 stars of of 5. [1]

5 star rating system. [22]
     (2) Book 2: X-Men: Days of Future Past: [Same title, different content] The book, a hardback book, is durable, glossy, and just beautiful ...and it is much, much bigger than book 1. The one extra thing I LOVED about this book was the inclusion of special three part series entitled, Wolverine: Days of Future Past, a prelude to the Days of Future Past story arc. A really great inclusion in the book! I would buy this book again (even though it is not inexpensive at $28.96) and have no regrets. I give this book 4.5 stars out of 5. [7]

5 star rating system. [23]
     (3) Book 3: Essential X-Men: Volume Two (Marvel Essentials v. 2): This black and white, pulp paper book is a great book if you want to economize. (mine cost $15.21). And to give the publishers credit, we do get a lot of issues here in one package. Still, I much prefer the beautiful editions, just above. The reading of this black and white edition was lacking in enjoyment that the other books provided. I give this book 3.5 stars out of 5. [13]

       I hope you have enjoyed today's rather long-winded blog post about the upcoming movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and, of course, the books that spawned the movie. With the advent of these super hero movies, we are bombarded in books and movies, certainly, but also in novelty items, like toys, collectible figurines, special editions or collector's editions of video or console or PC gaming, of clothing, bedding, hats, music CDs, and even PEZ dispensers.

My darling husband
Carl, helping me out
with the PEZ candy
dispenser photo.
"Thank you," Carl.
     I'm afraid that I've been sucked in by all the hype, too. I've decided to just roll with it. I saw the Wolverine PEZ dispenser and bought it just to have on my desk for inspiration as well as a sweet treat for myself while I've been drafting this blog post. I loved how much fun it was allowing myself to "get into" this blog post. I hope you've enjoyed reading about the books I selected for you today. Grab a book and learn just a little more about Days before it gets to the big screen. And...just a suggestion...grab a Wolverine PEZ and nibble while you read. Just...have some fun while you're doing it!

     Thank you for joining me this week as we looked at some action books! Join me next week as we look at a new book and, hopefully, have some fun, too. Take care, my friends, and pick up a book and read just a bit.

Until next time...
A White Rose. [24]
...many happy pages of reading!


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