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Monster Hunter Nemesis by Larry Correia--Released July 1, 2014--Now Available!

Monster Hunter Nemesis, Book 5, by Larry
Correia. RELEASE DATE 07-01-14. [1]
Book Review by:
Sharon Powers.

  "I ought to be thy Adam; but I am rather the fallen angel." 
(Chapter 10, Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, 
quoting Milton's Paradise Lost.)

    "I knew his secret. The thing that we all knew as Agent Franks had been the inspiration for the fictional Frankenstein's monster, and had been around for a very long time. His creator, the alchemist Konrad Dippel, had died in the seventeen-hundreds, so Franks had to have been first stitched together sometime before that. His very existence piqued my curiosity, but it was all for naught...[for every question I asked him, I got the same response,] 'Classified'" (The speaker is Owen Pitt, from Monster Hunter Le- gion by Larry Correia, Kindle loc. 1733].

     Agent Franks is peppered throughout the Monster Hunter International Series. In Monster Hunter Legion, we learned a good deal more about Agent Franks than we had in all the previous books. If you look, you can see how Larry Correia is already setting up the Nemesis book that will be the next foray into the Monster Hunter International world. In Correia's previous books we learned that Agent Franks was not classified as human. 

     And yet, he had a contract for services with the U.S. government. We learned that Franks was secretive about himself--and ultra-sensitive when it came to Project Nemesis. In Legion, for example, when one Special Task Force Unicorn agent (STFU--this could also stand for "Shut The F*** Up.") tells Franks, "If it were up to me, we'd dismantle you and bring back the Nemesis Project." Franks "...switched from Obsequious Government Employee Mode to Kill Your Ass Mode...[and said] I've been ordered to tolerate you people. If you ever mention Nemesis around me again that tolerance ends, along with your life" (Loc. 1695). This is, of course, demonstrating that Franks is very serious about Nemesis. 

     As mentioned, above, Agent Franks, is seen threaded throughout the story arcs in the previous books in the series, appearing in Monster Hunter Nemesis as the main character. From previous books we know that Agent Franks' is a man cobbled together from bits and pieces of fifty different bodies. Few people know more about Franks, and that's just the way he wants to keep it.

One of Larry Correia's specially
signed books with a person-
alized drawing. Here, Agent
 Franks is punching an "iconic
monster from Warmachine." [3]
     Publishers tell us that the nearly indestructible Franks was given an "alchemical substance" which helped bring him to life...but even his creator didn't know that a spirit older than mankind seized the opportunity to dwell in the body of the cobbled together man. Although Franks has done a lot of violent things, he contracted with the government to protect the country from all supernatural enemies. The contract also absolutely prohibited the creation of any more beings like himself; the government wouldn't want to violate that provision because they wouldn't want to see Franks get angry. Would they? 

     A super secret government agency, invisible to all, with a budget hidden inside of other budgets, and headed by an influential and powerful man, the same agency that Agent Franks works for, has done the unthinkable--Project Nemesis. With his own agenda, the Director manipulates his way through red tape, acting under a cloak of secrecy and silence, he oversees the creation of not one new cobbled together man, but thirteen. Agent Franks gives new meaning to the old saying, "Hell hath no fury...."

     I must admit I am wildly happy to have had the opportunity to read this book and review it for NetGalley. I have been a huge fan of Larry Correia's Monster Hunter International Series from its inception. I have grown to know and love Owen--and all the characters. In fact, in this book, Monster Hunter Nemesis, even though he is a new character to the series, I grew to love Strayhorn. I'm also pleased that we have back (from Monster Hunter Alpha, and briefly, Monster Hunter Legion) Deputy (Heather) Kerkonen; she's a great addition to the series. In fact, it looks to be her on the cover--Kerkonen has red hair and appears as a red werewolf.

     I won't say who, because I won't spoil it for you, but as with any good series, we eventually lose a few characters along the way with which we may have formed a connection and love. It is so in this book. While this book is an action-packed book, Correia gives the reader a sanity break and permits a few quiet moments in which to feel the loss of a few of the characters. I think because he limits those moments to small intimate scenes, it is far more effective than a huge dramatic melodrama.

The Tsuchiguomo: An artists concept of the spider (mon-
ster) who is able to create illusions around herself and
others near her. She can make herself or another look like
someone else. The Tsuchiguomo in Monster Hunter
 takes the form a Japanese girl. [4]

     I've already indicated for those who do not know about this series, that this book and series is action-packed. It is full of guns, explosives, knives, halberds, canons and special weapons of all sorts. We also see a wide variety of monsters from Heather Kerkonen (a werewolf), and Agent Franks (non-human/Frankenstein-like), to an evil Tsuchigumo (Spider Creature with "Illusion" powers), and even a human under a Fey curse named Renfroe (with pecular abilities able to manipulate electricity and also act as an "electrical ghost"), just to name a few.

It is the inescapable agent
of someone's or something's
downfall. [5]

     One of the best things Larry Correia does, as I briefly mentioned, above, is set up the series so the threads of plot lines are carefully developed and lead from one book to the next. Such was the case with Monster Hunter Nemesis. The term, "Nemesis" or "Project Nemesis" was dropped along the way; even though we did not know what that term meant, we could see from Frank's reaction that this was some serious stuff. By the time we got to this book, Monster Hunter Nemesis, we were ready to find out all the dirt about the project and how it impacted all the characters and the individual plot lines.

This is the quintessential
image in most people's minds
of Frankenstein's Monster:
Boris Karloff. Our Agent
Franks looks a bit different.[6]
     In this book, Franks serves as the focal point for revealing the details of the project. And, as the publisher's indicated in the information they revealed about the book, Franks is Dippel's creation--partly; to be exact, he is an ancient spirit inhabiting the shell of that body. So why is Franks, inhabiting the body in the first place? Why is he here? What is he doing inhabiting this cobbled-together body for, literally, hundreds of years? Why has he chained himself to a contract of service to the United States government with such serious consequences if it is broken? Why is Project Nemesis such a bad idea? And, why does the Swiss Guard make an appearance in the book?  Oh my, my, my....such delicious answers to these questions. You will...LOVE...them!

Can't deny it. I love the book!
It's my favorite of the whole
series! [7]
     All right. I have to say, "I LOVED this book!" Larry Correia is just getting better and better with his writing, with his characters, themes, and plots. He puts it all together in such a cohesive and pleasing package, that the read is exciting and action-packed, certainly, but also thoughtful and pleasurable. He has become a master weaver with words, not pretentious and not base or low. Just plain ol' action-packed fun. I loved that he provided surprises for the reader, answered questions, and then left us wanting more as we think about the imminent war--and what happened to Owen, Mosh and their dad at the end of Monster Hunter Legion? I can't wait to find out. And just so you know, there are some pretty big reveals about Agent Franks that I just couldn't tell you about. You are really going to love them.

The Sig 510--one of the many guns we read about in the
Monster Hunter International Series. [8]
     First, if you have a problem with guns, in general, this book may not be for you. I would say this book is meant for adults, due to violence, blood, gore, and injury and death. Any one who loves high action stories, monsters, guns, shoot-em-ups, explosions, and mayhem, will like this book.

     Also, keep in mind, this book isn't about mindless violence. Larry Correia is an excellent writer and never fails to deliver a thoughtful well-planned adventure for readers. Moreover, somehow, he is able to manage elements of suspense and intrigue, as well. This book was, for me, one of the most enjoyable books I've read this year! I have been waiting in anticipation of its release...I was NOT disappointed! Thank you, Larry Correia.
All right, these are not stars. They are
little monsters--in honor of the book,
Monster Hunter Nemesis!
4.5 monsters
--I guess Franks
cut one in half! (ha, ha, ha!) [9]

For all the above-listed reasons, I give this wonderful book 4.5 stars out of 5. 

Until next time...

...many happy pages of reading!

My love to you all.


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